Cancel among Covid19?

May flower
Red Rhody

How to start? The season for tour guiding begins with the cruise ships, conventions, and sunny days in Seattle. I have absolutely no tour season this year. I’m staying home in the central district trying re-invent what a guide does without meeting people.

I’m going to write from behind a mask! I’m hoping for creative ideas for being in the world safely. The stops, and sights on a walking tour are certain to be more isolated, but as we open-up, people will walk. And they’ll enjoy being outside, and I can be a part of that in a different way.

For example, rhododendron and wisteria blooms are full this week! Seattle University campus (E. Madison at 12th Ave., or the Columbia St. entrance at Broadway), has lovely garden beds, and towering rhodys. In the Arboretum, (UW Botanic Gardens) Rhododendron Glen and Azalea Way are making a mighty display. Both destinations allow one to walk in view of other folks who are 6 feet away.

This summer, I’ll continue with Best Guide Seattle ideas that allow safe distancing, and the simple pleasure of the city’s environments. We’ll be okay. Wash yer hands!


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Best Guide Seattle

I'm a 2nd generation resident of Seattle, and a tour guide at Best Guide Seattle. I share favorite places, local events, and exploration of interesting walk-able sights in Seattle.

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