The Season begins

Last evening, I was downtown enjoying the singing groups on Pine Street as part of the Figgy Pudding celebration that raises money for the Pike Place Market Senior Center. The streets were crowded and happy with song, some traditional and some inventive. It’s was a silly start to the holiday season, and a well-attended event.

The next day, I was reminded of the story of Juan Diego meeting the Lady on Mount Tepeyac. The miracle of the roses in the tilma, and the impression of the image of Mary lead to the conversion of millions to Christianity in the Americas. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, and the procession-celebration moves from St. Mary’s Church in the Central District, to St. James Cathedral on First Hill in Seattle. The procession is a smaller event, but is a gem of culture and a celebration of joy in the city.

Procession on 12th Ave near Seattle University 2019

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