Skyviewing, and reviewing

This is my second summer at Skyview Observatory, and most of the original team has left the company.  It’s been a challenge, and like any new enterprise, it helps to have realistic goals with respect to the location.

In short, we are not in a tourist area of NYC. As a city, we were founded by people who didn’t fit into the mentality or sensibility of the east coast in general. That’s not say we can’t make money, but we have a local style that plays a long game, rewarding employers that get involved with the community and become part of the culture. That means inviting people in, inviting locals to gather, and inviting groups that create events as community-builders. Does anyone remember that kind of company?

People return to places where memories are made. The free-admission evening to celebrate Pride in June comes to mind. It was a great party, with drag queen bingo, and lots of fun cocktails. I believe it also was our most successful attendance and sales date on record.

Earlier in the spring, our venue was used for the Big Climb (annual fundraiser for leukemia) but didn’t have any involvement in hosting. That was a shame. Why not be partners with this community cause?  I remember thinking, “we should be part of this.”

After a year, with its ups and downs, I do enjoy being part of this place. We have a lot of tourists and locals who love looking out the windows! Our mountains and waterways are fantastic; not to be taken for granted, but also not to be exclusive. When you’re up here, you’re with us, and being in the sky is memorable, but the joy comes in meeting people from all over the world, and sharing the day, or evening.

Hope to see you soon and Thanks for reading from Margaret, Best Guide Seattle

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Best Guide Seattle

I'm a 2nd generation resident of Seattle, and a tour guide at Best Guide Seattle. I share favorite places, local events, and exploration of interesting walk-able sights in Seattle.

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