In the Sky

Greetings from Skyview Observatory! I continue to refer to myself as a tour guide, while my location has changed to the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle.


As a Skyview Ambassador, I’ve shared the city sights with many visitors as we stroll the 360 degree view above the 4th and Cherry St. entrance.¬† I’m organizing different ways to contribute to the observatory experience as an employee, and continue to develop tours while discovering new places in the city.

Thirty-three thousand tech jobs were added to our economy in the last year, and that means newcomers, and adventurous people continue to move here. Growth is change, and change should include interesting contributions, and also protections for places and activities we love. Our challenge is in determining how to allow both. Who decides? What are our values? Did someone complain seriously about rowing crews yelling during early morning practice on Lake Union? That was joke, right?

Next up: Best Guide Seattle is launching a customized tour mapping service, and like many great ideas, the details and development are nearly formed. Stand by for more information next spring. This new project will be creative, flexible, and interesting–just like Seattle weather in October!

Thanks for reading, from Margaret at Best Guide Seattle


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Best Guide Seattle

I'm a 2nd generation resident of Seattle, and a tour guide at Best Guide Seattle. I share favorite places, local events, and exploration of interesting walk-able sights in Seattle.

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