In the streets

Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill was the gathering point for the second Women’s March in Seattle. The turn-out was fantastically upbeat with friends gathering on a cold morning. What are all the signs about? Why go on a march through downtown?

For Seattlites, it’s about not being quiet about the broken promises to DACA kids,  the continued lack of equal pay,  or the effort to take away women’s choices in their healthcare benefits.  The lack of educational funding and the ignorance it represents, the border wall and the fear that it represents, the Trump presidency and the patriarchy it represents, these are painful disappointments, but the signs in Seattle are voices asking for rights that many haven’t received, the promises unfulfilled–signs for Black Lives Matter, signs to stop discrimination, to stop profiling, and to stop criminalizing poverty.

This year, it’s also about the MeToo movement, where we hear from women speaking-up when men have over-stepped the line of decency in the workplace and in relationships. Does that remind you of someone in the oval office?

From here, we have to learn from each other, vote for improving each other’s chances at equal rights, and support each other’s humanity.  A Seattle rally is a glorious sight, as well as a celebration in free speech–the kind that makes me smile:


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