South Lake Union

Park in progress during August


What a joy to go to S. Lake Union on a warm day! The breeze over the water is just enough to gently help the children, each in an 8 ft. El Toro, as they learn to sail. West of the  MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) brave swimmers jump in the blue water and pop out again to bask in the August sunshine. Of course, I have my ballcap on to shade away the bright rays. I never thought I’d see people swim in this lake, but on a 90 degree day it looks inviting.

The nearby neighborhood has changed more quickly than other Seattle areas. With Amazon’s presence, and the sudden population of their twenties, streets and sidewalks are jammed at work day’s end. I’m guessing many workers are experiencing their first jobs out of college, and first time living in Seattle. It’s a youthful bunch to be sure, but not always considerate of others who may not be employed by almighty A-maz. “Stop walking three across; people, we’re not at the mall!” Seriously, I do appreciate Amazon for funding the 4th of July fireworks. The S. Lake Union venue for the Wooden Boat festival, and fireworks viewing is a favorite summer event.

Other highlights on the lake are the seaplanes landing and taking off, the old ships moored behind the MOHAI, and the Center for Wooden Boats which is constructing a large new center in what was once a surface parking lot.

The history of lake has moved far past the mills, coal barges, and gasworks while keeping some of the ship building, mooring, and maritime business among the people enjoying new bike trails, lake walks, kayaks, houseboats, seaplanes, and the sail-slapping joy of the Tues evening “Duck Dodge” regatta, (season ends Sept 6th). If you’ve never seen it, look down from the slow traffic of I-5, and remind yourself of why this lake is an urban gem.

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