Summer shines


June center fountainWhales 002

What a strange season it’s been! I had tours in May with the threat of sunburn, and drizzle instead of sizzle on the 4th of July!

The fountain at the Seattle Center is always a great spot to step away from the crowds at the Needle and Chihuly. Originally a 1962 World’s Fair feature, (International Fountain) music plays over the shooting chlorine-scented water. Kids, big and small, attempt to dodge the blasting spray to touch the silver dome, and then run away to safety.

It’s Seattle’s charming nature to be a bit unpredictable.

I’ve been missing my visits to the Smith Tower in Pioneer Square this summer. The observation level is closed, and the “Chinese Room” is being remodeled with a re-opening scheduled for August. I’ve taken a few trips to the Columbia Center viewing area, but the walk from Pioneer Place is very steep, and the building is not as visitor-friendly. It’s a great view to be sure, but currently not on my walking tour.

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